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Compete head to head, or compare your top scores on every game leaderboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free? 🤔


Yes! Playbite is 100% free.

We're just making fun games for everyone to enjoy and truly believe our users should be rewarded for being a part of our community.

But... how do you make money? 🤯


We make money from ad breaks and a completely optional subscription called Playbite+ that removes the ads and gives you some extra perks!

Please note: you never have to pay for the membership if you don't want to!

Where can I play? 🕹️


Playbite is available on the web, the App Store, and the Play Store.

Will you be adding more games? 🙏


You bet. We'll be adding new games all the time! 🔥

Okay, but how can I earn tickets faster? 😋


Great question.

You can earn 2x tickets by playing for for 3 days straight to activate your streak 🔥... but don't forget to play every day or you'll lose it!

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