Earn free prizes for playing awesome games

Playbite is a network of free mobile games Β you earn real prizes simply for playing.

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Earn tickets every time you play πŸ€‘

Every single second you spend playing our games earns you tickets. The more you play and the better you get, the more you can earn!

Redeem tickets for real prizes 🎁

Once you have enough tickets, come back to our site and redeem them for real prizes! We've got fun fidget toys, gift cards from your favorite brands, and much, much more!

Our Games

Our ever-expanding library of games has something for everyone. Whether you're into runners, puzzlers, or shooters, our games are fun, simple, and addicting!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free? πŸ€”


Yes! Playbite is 100%Β free.

We don't need your credit card, a free trial sign up... nothing!Β We're just making fun games for everyone to enjoy and truly believe our users should be rewarded for being a part of our platform.

But... how do you make money? 🀯


We're getting brands to pay us to put their prizes in the prize wall. The more people play our games, the more and better sponsors/prizes we get.

Will you be adding more games?


You bet. We'll be adding new games all the time! πŸ”₯

Does it work for iOS and Android?


We're currently running a soft launch on iOS, but we'll definitely launch on Android soon.

Thanks for the patience, Android users! πŸ™

How do I track my tickets? 🎟️


All you have to do is log in on the very first game you download. After that, we'll auto-log you in to any of our other games you download.

You can see how many points you have by looking at the top right corner of any of our games. 😎

Okay, but how can IΒ earn tickets faster? πŸ˜‹


We'll be rolling out new ways to earn tickets beyond playing, and we'll also be introducing Streaks πŸ”₯ to give you point multipliers for playing every day!

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