If you’re like most kids today, you’re obsessed with Roblox. You’re playing it at night, on the bus ride home, and even during class. But Roblox is even more fun when you have robux to spend, isn’t it? So who wouldn't want to earn free robux?

Turns out, you can actually get free robux by playing games on your phone with Playbite!

You can start earning by playing here.

How Playbite works

Think of Playbite like an arcade, but in your phone. You go in, and have dozens of games to choose frrom. You can play any of them freely, and every time you do, you earn points. You can then go to the Shop and spend those points for real prizes - one of which is a Roblox Gift Card!

If that doesn’t sound good enough, Playbite doesn’t show you ads either!

Earn Free Robux with Playbite

What’s the catch?

We get asked “what’s the catch?” all the time. I get it. Why would we basically give away robux for free? Well, the answer is that we’re not giving it away for free… but we’re also not screwing with you - our user - either! We’re simply working with brands to have them sponsor our prizes... and we’re even making custom games for them too!

Rest assured, if you play our games long enough, you will get your free robux - no catch!

Join Playbite now and see for yourself!