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How to Get Free Amazon Gift Card Codes

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Card Codes


Let’s face it: it’s 2022 and everyone is hooked on Amazon. The biggest of all eCommerce retailers has become an essential part of our daily lives, and there’s no going back. Amazon Prime’s two-day shipping is game changing, and now we can get everything we want in the blink of an eye, whether it’s a new toaster, the latest Axolotl Squishmallow, or a big bag of Takis chips. All that success makes it easy to see why we all would simply love to get free Amazon Gift Card codes – right?

No matter what you like to buy on Amazon, the truth is life would be so much better if there was a great way to get free Amazon Gift Card codes. Well, it turns out there is!

To get free gift card codes for Amazon, all you have to do is play fun and simple games with no ads on Playbite!

📲 Get free Amazon gift cards for playing fun games

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Get Free Amazon Gift Cards for playing fun games (with no ads) on Playbite

Playbite is a mobile app that operates a lot like Chuck E. Cheese. Users simply play games, earn points for playing, and can then spend those points on the app’s shop to redeem all kinds of prizes.

One of the most popular prizes in the Shop is the official Amazon Gift Card.

Get Free Amazon Gift Cards
Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

If that wasn’t good enough, Playbite has no annoying ads, so there’s really no downside to playing! Instead, Playbite generates revenue from brand partners who list their stuff in the Shop as well – so you can go get some of those prizes for free too, if you want!

Whether you’re looking to make extra money or just like the thrill of the hunt, get an Amazon redeem code on Playbite today!

How does Playbite work?

It’s important to note that Playbite is incredibly easy to use, and the games themselves can be played and enjoyed by everyone like hard code video game players to grandmas! The app has everything from leisurely puzle games to more intense racing games, and everything in between.

Playbite looks a lot like Netflix or Spotify, only instead of TV shows and music, the content is games! Any user can “get it” after a few seconds and be on their way to earning an gift card!

After users redeem your free gift card codes from the app, they simply get an email with their egift card code. These gift card codes are obtained by Amazon directly and sent straight to your inbox. You can also see your past redeems at any time from your account on Playbite.

Once you have the code, you simply plug it into your amazon account and you’ll get the amount credited in your Amazon gift card balance.

Playbite is available on the iOS App Store, the Android Google Play, and on web – that’s right, you can even play on your computer!

📲 Get free Amazon gift cards for playing fun games

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Swagbucks, Ibotta, and others are not fun

Playbite is not the only way to win free Amazon gift card codes… but it’s by far the most fun! There’s plenty of other paid surveys websites out there, but who wants to spend their time clickly mindlessly through online surveys?

There’s other apps out there that let you connect your credit card or bank account and earn you cashback when you checkout at certain stores in the form of vouchers, PayPal cash, or Visa gift cards. Others pay you to take certain actions on social media, like follow random aspiring influencers.

The worst by far as the fake Amazon gift card code generators that constantly tout nonsense like “no human verification” (whatever that means). These sites are simply scams trying to guess legitimate codes – stay away from them!

If you’re looking to make money in the form of Amazon coupon codes, there’s ways to do it, for sure. However, survey sites, cashback apps, and others are simply not that fun!

The best way to earn free Amazon gift card codes is Playbite – no doubt!

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Playbite is on a mission to build the most entertaining and rewarding app experience possible! It’s basically the most ambitious rewards program ever!

Stop wasting your time scrolling through search engines trying to find the best way to get free Amazon gift card codes – you’ve found it!

Even if you never play video games, the games on Playbite are incredibly simple and easy and you will find many you like, guaranteed.

What’s more, you’ll be able to win all kinds of prizes and even trade-in prizes you don’t want for ones you do. The app also has gift card prizes for everything from Walmart and Target to Xbox and Nintendo.

Whatever the case may be, start earning free Amazon gift card codes and level up your online shopping.

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📲 Get free Amazon gift cards for playing fun games

Join Playbite for free!


  1. How to get free Amazon gift card codes?

    You can get free Amazon gift card codes by playing fun and simple games (with no ads) on Playbite. Playbite is like an arcade on your phone with games accessible to everyone from gamers to grandmas.

  2. How do Amazon gift cards work?

    Amazon gift cards are virtual or physical cards made by Amazon itself that carry unique codes. They’re often used for gifting amongst friends and family, and as rewards from companies to customers. Once you have a gift card code, you can plug it into your Amazon account and get a credit on Amazon for the amount the card was bought for.

  3. Can Amazon gift cards be converted to cash?

    Unfortunately, no. They can only be used as credit within Amazon.

  4. What is the easiest way to get an Amazon gift cards?

    The easiest way to get Amazon gift cards is by playing fun and simple games on Playbite. Think of Playbite as Chuck E. Cheese, but on your phone. You play games, earn points, and redeem for prizes like the official Amazon gift card.