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How Does PLS DONATE Work?

How Does PLS DONATE Work?

PLS DONATE is a Roblox game that allows players to earn robux by begging for donations from other players. Players can set up a stand in the PLS DONATE plaza and customize it with text, images, and gamepasses. Other players can then come to the stand and donate robux to the player. But how does PLS DONATE work?

Are you trying to get some free robux in PLS DONATE? Let’s guide you on how it works!


To get some robux from PLS DONATE, players have to create and sell gamepasses. Gamepasses are special items that players can buy to receive exclusive benefits in games and give some robux to the seller.

When players buy a gamepass from a PLS DONATE stand, the player who created the stand will receive a portion of the robux.

Here are the steps on how to earn robux from PLS DONATE:

  1. Create a PLS DONATE stand
  2. Create and sell gamepasses
  3. Promote your stand in other Roblox games or on social media

Keep in mind that Roblox deducts a 30% commission, and Hazem (the developer) takes a 10% commission from every donation. This means that players will receive 60% of the robux that was spent on their gamepasses.

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Get Free Robux on Playbite
Get Free Robux on Playbite

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