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In the virtual world of PLS DONATE, players are constantly on the lookout for thrilling and exciting ways to interact with the game – including the ability to fly.

So you might be wondering… is it possible to fly in PLS DONATE? And if so, how?

Read on as we discover if PLS DONATE has this flying feature.


Unfortunately, there is no official way to fly in PLS DONATE. There are some glitches that players can use to fly, but they aren’t guaranteed and you may get banned from the game.

One of the glitches involves using the low gravity and swimming features together. To do so, you’d have to enable the low gravity feature, hold down the spacebar, and start swimming.

Another glitch involves using the reset feature and swimming feature together. To do that, you’d have to enable the reset feature, swim to the top of the PLS DONATE map and press the reset button.

Keep in mind that using glitches to fly in PLS DONATE is against the Roblox rules, and if you are caught, you may be banned from the game. You may even be reported by other players! So if you’re going to use glitches, it’ll be at your own risk.

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