Are Evolution Cards Considered Basic Pokemon in the Pokemon TCG?

avatarScoldingIrony2 months ago
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avatarRemovingMyth2 months ago

Nope, evolution cards aren't basic Pokemon in the TCG. Basic Pokemon are like the foundation you start building your deck with. Evolution cards, on the other hand, are what you use to power up your Basics into stronger forms during the game. They're part of the journey to make your deck stronger!

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avatarEmptyingDaisy2 months ago

Evolution cards =/= Basic Pokemon. Basics are your starter squad. Evolutions are the glow-ups they get after you play a while.

avatarRequestingFinal2 months ago

Gonna have to disagree with the crowd here. Evolution cards and Basic Pokemon are as different as Charmander and Charizard. You can't have one evolving into the other without starting with the Basic!

avatarBackingPeck2 months ago

Basic Pokemon cards are the ones you can play directly onto the field at the start. Evolution cards need to be played on an already existing Basic Pokemon. So, no, evolution cards aren't considered Basic Pokemon.

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