Are Flick and CJ a Couple in Animal Crossing?

avatarDisbowelingFeel3 months ago
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avatarAssemblingDeltaa month ago

Nope, Flick and CJ aren't officially a couple in Animal Crossing. They're just two passionate entrepreneurs who show up on your island to buy your bugs and fish. Flick is all about those insects, while CJ loves fishing. They do mention each other, but more in a business partner or best friend vibe rather than anything romantic. Their dynamic duo status is more about bugs and fish than love and romance.

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avatarEnvassalingTiera month ago

Hot take: Let's not box in Flick and CJ's relationship. AC never labeled it, so why should we? They're living their best lives, whether as friends, business partners, or anything else. The important thing? They make our island life more fun!

avatarAssoilzieingThrowa month ago

Actually, it's a common misconception! Flick and CJ are not confirmed to be a couple in any official Animal Crossing material. They're close, sure, and they have a business partnership with Flick handling the bug-offs and CJ hosting the fishing tourneys. It's their shared interests that bond them, not a romantic relationship. So, they're more like BFFs united by their love for critters!

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