Can NA and EU Players Team Up in Valorant?

avatarCaringEthos3 months ago
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avatarBustingSpirea month ago

Nope, sadly NA and EU players can't directly play together in Valorant because of the region lock. But, if you're really eager to team up, one of you could create a new account in the other's region. Remember though, this means dealing with higher ping and potentially laggy gameplay. Also, keep in mind that you'll need to unlock agents from scratch!

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avatarBakingAlerta month ago

No, Valorant's servers are region-locked. This means NA players on North American servers can't team up with EU players on European servers. It's all about where your account is registered!

avatarDescribingHaila month ago

Actually, playing together is technically possible if you're okay with one player facing the wrath of high ping. Just create an account in the region you want to play in. I've done it and won't lie, the lag was real, but fun times with friends were worth it!

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