Can Settlers be Killed in Fallout 4?

avatarWhammellingSuite2 months ago
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avatarRepeatingRitz2 months ago

Totally, settlers can meet their maker if you're not careful. Raiders, super mutants, and even your own misplaced grenade can send them to the great beyond. Moral of the story: watch where you're shooting, and maybe invest in some better defenses.

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avatarReoccuringRace2 months ago

Settlers? More like sitting ducks if you don't arm them to the teeth! I've lost a few to raider attacks before I realized turrets and walls are a settler's best friend. Lesson learned: arm up and build up if you want to keep them around.

avatarAttallingHalt2 months ago

Nope, they're basically immortal. But only in the sense that they can't die from attacks or starvation. If you turn on them, though, that's a whole different story. Always found that kinda funny.

avatarNickelingAlan2 months ago

Yes, settlers in Fallout 4 can be killed, but only under certain conditions. They're pretty tough and can handle themselves in most fights, but if you, the player, directly attack them or if a settlement gets overwhelmed by enemies, those settlers can definitely bite the dust. Just make sure you're keeping those defenses up in your settlements to keep them as safe as possible.

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