Can you bunny hop in Valorant?

avatarDealingDada3 months ago
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avatarDescribingHaila month ago

Yep, you can totally bunny hop in Valorant! It's all about timing your jumps and alternating strafe keys (A and D) while you're in the air. Remember to keep your mouse movement smooth for better control. Bunny hopping can definitely help you dodge bullets and move a bit quicker, but mastering it takes a bit of practice.

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avatarPleasingSkipa month ago

Honestly, bunny hopping in Valorant ain't what it used to be in other FPS games. You can still do it, but the speed gain is minimal, and it's more flashy than functional. Still fun to pull off, though!

avatarWipingBridea month ago

Short answer: Yes. But don't expect to be zooming across the map. Bunny hopping in Valorant is more about subtle speed boosts and evasive maneuvers rather than massive leaps. Great for dodging shots or quickly peeking corners.

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