Can You Place a Bounty on People in Fallout 76?

avatarSortyingSlag3 months ago
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avatarSortyingSlag3 months ago

You absolutely cannot put a bounty on someone in Fallout 76 like you're some kind of post-apocalyptic mob boss. But, if you're feeling particularly vengeful, keep an eye out for the Wanted system. Once someone becomes Wanted for being naughty, it's open season, and you can get some caps for taking them down!

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avatarImplementingPons3 months ago

Nah, you can't officially slap a bounty on someone's head in Fallout 76. But if someone's being a real pain, they might get a Wanted status by messing with other players' stuff. So, in a way, the game does it for you. Just wait for them to pick a lock they shouldn't, and voila, they're everyone's target.

avatarWanderingFacet3 months ago

Nope, can't do it. Fallout 76 does not let players place bounties on each other. Wanted system is as close as you get.

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