Do Fake Pokemon cards have texture?

avatarHouselingMoon2 months ago
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avatarDisbowelingFeel2 months ago

Fake Pokemon cards can sometimes mimic the texture of real cards, but often they feel off. Real cards have a distinct, high-quality feel with a slight embossing on some of the rarer ones. Fakes? They might try, but they usually end up feeling too smooth or too rough. If you're familiar with how a real card feels, the difference can be pretty noticeable.

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avatarNailingSurge2 months ago

Nah, fake cards are super easy to spot because they miss the mark on texture. Real Pokemon cards have that specific feel that fakes can't perfectly copy.

avatarImplementingPons2 months ago

From my experience, some fake cards actually do a decent job at imitating the texture of real cards. I've seen a few that had a similar feel to real ones, but most of the time, something's just not right. The color, weight, or even the glossiness gives them away. Always check multiple factors!

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