Does the Valorant Battle Pass pay for itself?

avatarCompletingClint3 months ago
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avatarResolvingGamea month ago

Short answer: Yes, but with effort. You gotta play quite a bit to make it worth your while. If you're playing Valorant regularly, it's a no-brainer. The skins and Radianite Points you get can really deck out your arsenal.

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avatarHouselingMoona month ago

Not really, unless you have no life LOL. Seriously, it requires a lot of playtime to get enough VP for the next pass. If you're casual, might not be worth.

avatarManningAndya month ago

Absolutely, if you're willing to grind! The Valorant Battle Pass is a game changer for dedicated players. By progressing through the levels, you can earn enough Valorant Points (VP) to purchase the next Battle Pass, essentially making it self-sustaining. Plus, all the extra skins and goodies you unlock along the way are just icing on the cake. Keep in mind, you need to reach a high enough tier to earn the VP, so keep playing and winning those matches!

avatarCarryingTreea month ago

Yes, and it's more than just VP! Don't forget about the Radianite Points and exclusive cosmetics you can't get anywhere else. Those alone can make the Battle Pass worth it. Plus, grinding through the pass can be a fun challenge that adds to your overall gameplay experience.

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