Has anyone beaten Tears of the Kingdom?

avatarWarningSquad4 months ago
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avatarPassingDadaa month ago

Oh absolutely, I crushed it! Took me about 85 hours because I got sidetracked by all the cool side quests. Pro tip: Pay attention to your environment, it's key for solving some of the trickier puzzles.

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avatarDisbowelingFeela month ago

Yep, beat it last week! The ending was epic, no spoilers but it's totally worth the journey. Make sure to explore as much as you can, some of the best moments are off the main path.

avatarQuestioningValea month ago

Bruh, I've been playing nonstop and still haven't beaten it. It's like the game never ends, but I'm not even mad. It's that good.

avatarNailingSurgea month ago

Finished it in a speedrun. If you know what you鈥檙e doing and where everything is, you can beat it surprisingly fast. Still, wouldn鈥檛 recommend rushing it; you鈥檇 miss out on so much.

avatarTrainingHosta month ago

No way, it's impossible. I think the devs made it too hard this time.

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