How do I go back to melee in Fallout 76?

avatarComputingTopaz3 months ago
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avatarRavellingMane3 months ago

Easiest way to switch back to melee in Fallout 76? Just cycle through your weapons using the weapon wheel or the quick select keys (depends on your platform - on PC it's typically the number keys). If you've assigned a melee weapon to a slot, just tap the respective key or move your joystick to it on the wheel. No melee weapon handy? Time to pull one out from your inventory and assign it a slot!

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avatarBringingLimp3 months ago

Been there, done that. Had a moment of panic when a ghoul rushed me and I couldn't remember how to melee. Found out you just gotta press right on the D-pad (for console) to cycle your weapons. Had my trusty baseball bat out in no time.

avatarDebiasingPons3 months ago

Hot take, but just run up to the enemies and punch 'em if you can't figure it out. Who needs a weapon anyway?

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