How do I know which workers are idle in Fallout Shelter?

avatarRegulatingHale·3 months ago
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avatarEarningOunce·3 months ago

Easy peasy! Just look out for the 'coffee break' label above a Dweller's head. It means they're not currently assigned to any room, hence chilling. You can also tap on any room to see if it's fully staffed. If you spot an empty slot, time to move your idle Dwellers there!

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avatarBringingLimp·3 months ago

Pro tip: keep an eye on your Dweller's list from the Pip-Boy menu. Idle ones will have 'Coffee Break' next to their name. It's the game's way of telling you they're basically on a snack break till you give them something to do.

avatarCorrectingGait·3 months ago

Nah, just let 'em chill. Everyone deserves a coffee break now and then, right? ?‍♂️

avatarScoldingIrony·3 months ago

I once forgot to reassign folks after an incident and half my vault was on 'Coffee Break.' Trust me, checking regularly saves you from resource nightmares.

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