How do I lower my ping in Valorant?

avatarAssoilzieingThrow3 months ago
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avatarInterferingHooda month ago

Just move closer to the server, lol. But for real, try out some of the tips above, especially optimizing your internet setup.

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avatarBakingAlerta month ago

Upgrading your internet plan might be the move. I was on a basic plan and suffered high ping in almost every game, including Valorant. Switched to a higher-tier internet service, and it's smooth sailing now. It's worth a shot if you're serious about your gaming.

avatarTargetingDirta month ago

To slash that pesky high ping in Valorant, start by checking your internet connection; a wired connection always beats Wi-Fi for stability. Close any bandwidth-heavy apps like streaming services or downloads. Sometimes, a simple router restart can work wonders. If you're still lagging, peek at your in-game settings - lowering graphic settings can reduce the load on your system and potentially improve ping. Lastly, consider using a VPN service optimized for gaming; this can sometimes route your connection more efficiently than your ISP's default path.

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