How do you get Valorant skins?

avatarSwellingDump3 months ago
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avatarSortyingSlaga month ago

I gotta say, I scored some of my best skins from the battle pass. It feels like a steal considering how many cool skins you get as you level up. Sure, it takes a bit of grind, but hey, more satisfying than just buying them outright!

Get Valorant gift cards by playing games on Playbite!




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avatarTrottingAreaa month ago

Just slap down some cash for Valorant Points (VP) and buy whatever skin catches your eye in the store. Simple as that. No need to overcomplicate it.

avatarReoccuringRacea month ago

Oh, jumping into the flashy world of Valorant skins, are we? Well, you've got a few methods. The primary way is by purchasing them directly with Valorant Points (VP), which you can buy with real-life money. Another way is by unlocking them through the completion of certain game challenges or the battle pass, which also occasionally needs VP for its premium tier. But remember, some skins can level up to show off new visuals, for which you鈥檒l need Radianite Points (RP). Spend wisely and make that arsenal shine!

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avatarDiego3 hours ago
If you're a Valorant player, you need to download the Playbite app!

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One of those prizes is the official Valorant gift card, which you can win and use to get anything you want essentially for free!

In case you鈥檙e wondering, this is how it works: 

Playbite makes money from (not super annoying) ads and (totally optional) in-app purchases. The app then uses that money to reward players like you with prizes!

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