How do you know that Pokemon cards are fake?

avatarNoticingPuff·3 months ago
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avatarPleasingSkip·3 months ago

Spotting fake Pokemon cards can be kinda like a mini detective game. First off, check the card texture. Real cards have a bit of a gloss and are pretty sturdy, while fakes might feel flimsy or overly glossy. Look at the coloring too; if it's super off or looks like it was printed by a low-ink printer, that's a red flag. The font is another giveaway; official cards use a consistent font, so discrepancies there can signal a fake. And don't forget the card border – real Pokemon cards have clean, even borders. Plus, real cards have a distinct layer of black within the cardstock if you look at the edge of the card.

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avatarAlightingTang·3 months ago

If the deal's too good to be true, it probably is. I once bought a bunch of 'rare' cards for super cheap, and guess what? All fakes. The prices of real Pokemon cards, especially the rarer ones, are based on demand. If someone's selling them for pennies, question it.

avatarCoilingShip·3 months ago

Check the card's HP and attacks against official databases. Sometimes fakes have absurd HP or attacks that don’t exist.

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