How do you stop the Corruption from spreading in Terraria?

avatarColoringNoon·3 months ago
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avatarSnorkellingClock·3 months ago

U can stop the Corruption from spreading by using Purification Powder, which the Dryad sells. Super useful to cleanse the corrupted areas. Also, consider placing Sunflowers near the edges of the Corruption; those happy little flowers actually slow down the spread. If you’re in hardmode, it gets trickier, but using the Clentaminator (sold by the Steampunker) can help you big time. It can purify large areas fast, but it's a bit pricey. Remember, you can also dig a trench at least 6 blocks wide around the Corruption areas to stop it from spreading to other parts of your world. No need to let the Corruption ruin ur beautiful world!

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avatarEarningOunce·3 months ago

Honestly? Just let it spread. Adds a bit of a challenge, don't you think? Plus, it looks cool. #TeamCorruption

avatarAlteringBeryl·3 months ago

Dig a big ol' hole around it! Seriously, make a 6-block wide gap all around the Corruption area. Corruption can't jump the gap, so it's stuck. If you're fancy, line the sides with Wood or Clay to stop vines from spreading across. Works like a charm!

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