How do you use the Imitator in Plants vs Zombies?

avatarDistributingJoke·3 months ago
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avatarWipingBride·3 months ago

The Imitator in Plants vs Zombies is your secret weapon for double trouble! Here's the trick: select the Imitator, then choose another plant you’d like to copy. When playing, the Imitator will morph into a copy of that chosen plant, but in black and white. This lets you plant the same type of plant more quickly than usual, perfect for those intense waves of zombies. So, if you've got a fav plant, like the Sunflower for extra sun or the Cherry Bomb for kaboom times two, the Imitator's your go-to pal for doubling down on your strategy!

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avatarSwellingDump·3 months ago

I think the Imitator is kinda overrated. Just plan better and you won't need it.

avatarWipingBride·3 months ago

Just pick a plant you use a lot and let the Imitator do the rest. It's like buy one, get one free, but with plants fighting zombies.

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