How does aiming work in Valorant?

avatarDealingDada3 months ago
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avatarCluingWeara month ago

In Valorant, aiming is all about precision and practice. You've got to keep your crosshair at head level for those sweet one-tap headshots. Recoil control is key, so learn the spray patterns of your favorite guns. Oh, and don't forget to move carefully - running and gunning ain't your friend here. Staying still or shift-walking when shooting improves accuracy big time.

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avatarManningAndya month ago

Aiming in Valorant? Just click on heads lol. But seriously, it's about learning weapon spray patterns and mastering your movement. Avoid spraying and praying. Aim, then shoot.

avatarJiggettingBaita month ago

Honestly, aim in Valorant is more than just pointing and shooting. It's about strategic positioning, understanding agent abilities to create opportunities, and predicting enemy moves. Use those abilities wisely to outsmart your opponents. And always, always practice your aim in the shooting range before jumping into a match.

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