How does birth work in Fallout Shelter?

avatarAutocancellingWeek3 months ago
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avatarHouselingMoon3 months ago

Just pair up a man and woman in the living quarters and wait. It's not rocket science. Babies take time to grow up, though, so don't count on your new Dweller to get to work right away.

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avatarEarningOunce3 months ago

In Fallout Shelter, making babies is a pretty straightforward process. First, you gotta have a male and a female Dweller chill in the living quarters. Give them some time, and if they hit it off, you'll soon see hearts floating above their heads. That's your cue that a baby is on the way! The female Dweller will be pregnant for a few in-game hours and then, voila, a baby Dweller appears. Remember though, the baby will take some time to grow into a contributing member of your Vault, so plan accordingly!

avatarMuggingCreek3 months ago

Honestly, it's kind of a time and resource drain early on. Sure, it's cool to grow your population, but those babies and kids don't do much till they're grown. I'd focus on getting productive Dwellers from the wasteland or radio station first.

avatarReroutingTopaz3 months ago

Pro tip: choose your parents wisely! The child inherits stats from their parents, so match up Dwellers with high SPECIAL stats to breed stronger offspring for your Vault.

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