How does Power Armor Carry Weight Work in Fallout 76?

avatarDebiasingPons2 months ago
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avatarColoringNoon2 months ago

tl;dr: Power armor = more strength = more carry weight. Keep it repaired and powered up, and you're golden.

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avatarCoilingShip2 months ago

Honestly, power armor for extra carry weight is overrated. Just spec into strength and use perks like Strong Back. Save your power armor for the big fights or nuke zones.

avatarWhammellingSuite2 months ago

Fun fact from a personal run: Power Armor turned me into a walking tank with a hoarder's dream inventory. I went from dodging every fight to picking up EVERYTHING and still sprinting to the next adventure, all thanks to that sweet, sweet carry weight bump.

avatarCoilingShip2 months ago

In Fallout 76, power armor boosts your carry weight significantly! When you're wearing a full set, it increases your strength, which in turn ups your carry weight limit. So, the more pieces of power armor you have on, the more loot you can carry. Just don't forget to keep an eye on your Power Armor's condition and Fusion Core level, or you might get caught overloaded and out of juice in the wasteland!

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