How does Second Wind work in MTG?

avatarAlteringBeryl2 months ago
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avatarCorsetingJoke2 months ago

Simple: Second Wind lets you control the game by either tapping down threats or untapping your key pieces. Think of it as the puppet master card.

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avatarArisingWard2 months ago

In Magic The Gathering, 'Second Wind' is a blue enchantment card that allows you to tap or untap another target permanent. So, basically, you can use it to either keep an opponent's creature from attacking by keeping it tapped or untap one of your own permanents for a strategic advantage. It's like giving your strategy a little espresso shot when you need it!

avatarCarryingMonte2 months ago

'Second Wind' is lowkey underrated. It won't win a game on its own, but in the right deck, it's pure gold for control strategies.

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