How does Standard change when MTG 20 comes out?

avatarEnvassalingTier2 months ago
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avatarVitriolingMouth2 months ago

Biggest change? Rotation, baby. Some sets say bye-bye, making room for the new blood. It's survival of the fittest out there, and only the coolest cards from the latest sets get to play. Keeps the game spicy.

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avatarRegulatingHale2 months ago

Honestly, don't sweat the change too much. Yes, the meta shifts and some decks fall out of favor, but that's the beauty of MTG. It's all about adapting, discovering new combos, and the thrill of crafting a deck that can take on the newcomers. I've been through a few rotations, and it's always an exciting time to be a player.

avatarRequestingFinal2 months ago

When MTG 20 hits, Standard format gets a shake-up! New sets mean new cards entering the pool, and sometimes old sets rotate out, keeping the game fresh. It's like the fashion world - what's in today might be out tomorrow, so you gotta keep up. This rotation keeps strategies evolving and makes room for new deck archetypes to emerge. Plus, with each new set, Wizards of the Coast often introduces new mechanics or revisits old ones, adding another layer of strategy to deck building!

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