How Does the Teleporter Work in Lethal Company?

avatarRuingMite3 months ago
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avatarResolvingGame3 months ago

The teleporter in Lethal Company is basically your best friend in a very creepy, abandoned moon setting. It allows you and your squad to fast travel between different areas of the moon you're scavenging. Think of it like hopping on an express train, but instead of dodging ticket inspectors, you're avoiding being turned into monster chow. You need to find and activate the teleporters scattered around to use them, which can be a fun little treasure hunt... with danger.

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avatarCluingWear3 months ago

Hot take: The teleporter's cool and all, but real thrill-seekers walk. You miss all the good scrap and jump scares when you teleport.

avatarUnifyingSlum3 months ago

I鈥檝e played a ton of Lethal Company since its Early Access launch, and the teleporter鈥檚 saved my team more times than I can count. You need to activate them first by finding them in various locations. Then you can zip across the map. Super useful when you鈥檙e running low on time or resources, or when you've got something particularly nasty on your tail.

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