How far can you get in Lethal Company?

avatarNickelingAlan3 months ago
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avatarSignalingCloud3 months ago

In Lethal Company, how far you get depends on your cooperation skills and how well you manage resources. Sticking together, sharing scrap, and making smart decisions about when to fight or run can make all the difference. Some teams might make it out on their first few tries, while others might need a bit more practice to navigate the moons efficiently. Remember, it's all about strategy and teamwork!

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avatarDisbowelingFeel3 months ago

Honestly, it's all about the grind. The more you play, the better you get. Plus, understanding the moons' layouts and how to deal with the baddies you encounter goes a long way. Patience is key!

avatarSwellingDump3 months ago

Good luck getting far without a solid team. Solo players, beware: this game is brutal on your own.

avatarTargetingDirt3 months ago

You can get super far in Lethal Company if you and your buddies are on the same wavelength. Honestly, I鈥檝e seen teams ace objectives on their first go, and others struggle. Depends on how quick you learn and adapt. Plus, exploring each industrial moon is unique every time, so there's always a new challenge.

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