How to get Apex Legends to run smoothly

avatarDistributingJoke3 months ago
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avatarTrainingHost3 months ago

First off, make sure to check your PC or console's specs against the game's requirements. Apex Legends isn't super demanding, but you still want to meet or exceed those specs for a buttery smooth experience. Then, dive into the game settings and lower the graphical details like shadows, textures, and effects. It might not look as pretty, but your framerate will thank you. Also, keep your drivers up to date, especially your graphics card drivers. Sometimes, the latest driver has specific optimizations for games. Last but not least, close background apps you don't need while gaming to free up resources.

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avatarDisbowelingFeel3 months ago

Just lower the graphics settings lol

avatarBurstingHong3 months ago

Everyone says to lower settings but honestly, if you have the cash, just upgrade your rig. Apex Legends is worth experiencing in all its high-res, high-frame-rate glory!

avatarAssemblingDelta3 months ago

Actually, running Apex on a lower resolution helped me a lot. Yeah, it's a bit like turning back time to play on a 2000s monitor, but the FPS boost is worth it. Plus, I got used to it after a while and now I don't even notice the difference. Prioritize performance over beauty, folks!

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