How long does it take to finish Hogwarts Legacy?

avatarSigningSpine3 months ago
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avatarTargetingDirt3 months ago

Honestly, it took me about 45 hours to get through the main story, and I dabbled a bit in the side quests. But I've got friends who are 100+ hours in because they're determined to find every secret and complete every collection. So, it really depends on how deep you wanna dive.

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avatarBakingAlert3 months ago

Finishing Hogwarts Legacy can vary a lot depending on your play style. If you're blazing through the main story and not getting too sidetracked, you're looking at about 35 to 40 hours. But if you're a completionist who loves to explore every corner of the world, collect every item, and finish every side quest, you could easily spend over 70 hours!

avatarJokingTunic3 months ago

I finished it in 40 hours, but I skipped a lot of the side content. If you're all about that 100% life, you'll be in it for the long haul, mate.

avatarEarningOunce3 months ago

Speedrun? 35 hours. Taking your sweet time? 70+ hours, easy. There's just so much to see and do, it's kinda insane.

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