How many calories are in one piece?

avatarReoccuringRace3 months ago
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avatarWanderingFaceta month ago

Depends on what 'one piece' you're talking about. If it's a piece of cake, you're looking at roughly 200-400 calories depending on the cake. But if we're talking about a piece of sushi, that's more like 40-65 calories per piece. Context is key!

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avatarAlteringBeryla month ago

One piece of fruit, like an apple or banana? Around 100 calories. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

avatarSnorkellingClocka month ago

Lol, if it's one piece of pizza, just assume all your calorie allowance is gone. Worth it though.

avatarAttainingForda month ago

A single piece of lettuce has like, what, 5 calories? If you're counting calories that meticulously, maybe stick to those.

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