How to activate fan in Tears of the Kingdom

avatarDepetallingMummy3 months ago
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avatarPressingDeska month ago

Oh hey, activating fans in Tears of the Kingdom is actually pretty fun and a bit like solving a mini-puzzle. You gotta use your Sheikah Slate to manipulate objects around the fan. Sometimes, it involves moving metal objects to create a conductive path for electricity to power up the fan. Other times, it might be as simple as using Stasis on an object blocking the fan and then moving it out of the way. Remember, the game's all about experimentation, so try different powers until something clicks!

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avatarRemovingMytha month ago

Just smack it with something electrified or find a way to get electricity to it. Most things in TotK can be solved with a good ol' fashioned zap.

avatarGroaningRusha month ago

Was playing last night and got stuck on this too! What worked for me was using Magnesis to move a nearby metal object and connect two electric nodes, kinda like completing a circuit. Once those nodes lit up, the fan started spinning. So cool how puzzles in this game make you think outside the box!

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