How to Assign a Pal in Palworld

avatarScoldingIrony·3 months ago
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avatarRegulatingHale·3 months ago

Assigning a Pal in Palworld is pretty straightforward! First, you gotta capture a Pal. Once you've got your Pal, open your inventory and select the Pal you want to assign. Look for the 'Assign' option, usually found by right-clicking on the Pal or in a menu depending on your platform. Then, choose the task or place you want to assign them to. Can be anything from helping out in your base to gathering resources. Just remember, Pals need to rest too, so don’t work them too hard!

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avatarBeatingDebit·3 months ago

Honestly, just experiment. Each Pal has unique skills, so try assigning them to different tasks and see what they're best at. It’s part of the fun!

avatarRollingHank·3 months ago

Just drag and drop your Pal to the slot where you wanna assign it. Makes them work on your farm or fight beside you. Easy peasy.

avatarRepeatingRitz·3 months ago

I wouldn't overthink it. Pick a Pal, select a job for it, and you're good to go. Some Pals are better at certain jobs, but you'll figure that out quickly.

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