How to attach bombs to arrows in Tears of the Kingdom

avatarNoticingPuff3 months ago
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avatarRavellingManea month ago

Oh, the joy of bomb arrows! To slap a bomb onto an arrow in Tears of the Kingdom, you just need to hold down the ZR button to aim your bow, then press the R button to attach a bomb to the arrow you're about to let fly. Just make sure you've got both arrows and bombs in your inventory, or it's gonna be a sad day in Hyrule.

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avatarTrainingHosta month ago

Hot take: Forget bomb arrows, mastering rune abilities is where it's at. Bomb arrows are flashy but mastering the runes will make you a Hyrule legend.

avatarNickelingAlana month ago

I attached a bomb to an arrow once, just like in the instructions. It transformed me from a regular adventurer into a Hylian action hero. Nothing beats watching a well-placed bomb arrow explode and take out a mob of Bokoblins. 10/10, would recommend.

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