How to Attract Settlers in Fallout 4

avatarRatingLink3 months ago
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avatarAttemptingDance3 months ago

To attract settlers in Fallout 4, you gotta buddy up with the Radio Beacon. Just build one in your settlement, power it up, and boom - settlers will come flocking like it's a discount day at the Super Duper Mart. Also, don't forget to spruce up the place with beds, food, water, and defense. Settlers love their comfort almost as much as they love running from Deathclaws.

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avatarNoticingPuff3 months ago

If you're serious about creating a bustling settlement, focus on building amenities and defenses. Luxuries like shops and crafting stations attract more settlers and increase happiness. Make your settlement the place to be in the wasteland.

avatarBakingAlert3 months ago

Honestly, just make sure you have the basics down: more beds than you have settlers, enough food and water, and some solid defense. It's like setting up a 5-star hotel in the post-apocalypse. If you build it, they will come.

avatarWipingBride3 months ago

Just spam Radio Beacons. More beacons, more settlers. Easy peasy.

avatarReoccuringRace3 months ago

I've found that increasing the settlement's overall happiness score seems to attract more settlers too. Just make sure your settlers have everything they need and a bit more, and you'll see the population grow!

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