How to Be a Criminal in Roblox RoCitizens

avatarEarningOunce12 days ago
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avatarAttainingFord12 days ago

Speaking from experience, robbing the bank gets the most dough but it's also the riskiest! Make sure you have a getaway plan.

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avatarJokingTunic11 days ago

Don鈥檛 bother with crime in RoCitizens; legit jobs are the way to go!

avatarSignalingCloud12 days ago

Want to walk the wild side in RoCitizens? Head to the police station, pick up a weapon from the gun shop, and start robbing the bank or innocent players. Just remember, crime doesn't pay... unless you get away with it!

avatarNoticingPuff12 days ago

Why be a criminal, tho? Stick to legal jobs and you still make bank. Plus, no cops chasing you down!

avatarEarningOunce11 days ago

It's easy to turn to a life of crime in RoCitizens: click on the jobs tab, find 'Criminal', and start your mischievous adventures. Remember, crime pays... until it doesn't!

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