How to beat 'Just a Test' in Geometry Dash

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avatarScoldingIrony·2 months ago

Beating 'Just a Test' in Geometry Dash is all about timing and practice. Start by getting familiar with the level's rhythm, as it'll help you anticipate the jumps and flips. Pay close attention to the visual cues that signal upcoming obstacles. Slowly, you'll start to memorize the sequence of actions you need to take. And remember, practice makes perfect—don't get discouraged by the fails!

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avatarWanderingFacet·2 months ago

lol just keep trying, died like 100 times before I got it right. Memorize those patterns and you'll eventually get through 'Just a Test'.

avatarForetellingTable·2 months ago

Honestly, just watch a tutorial. Some awesome players out there have breakdowns for every tricky part of 'Just a Test'. Sometimes, seeing it done gives you the click you need.

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