How to build a platform in Tears of the Kingdom

avatarManningAndy·3 months ago
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avatarDezincingBrute·a month ago

Building a platform in Tears of the Kingdom is easier than you think! All you need to do is use the Revali’s Gale ability to launch yourself into the air, then whip out your construction tool to start building. Remember, the placement and the material matter, so experiment with both to create the perfect launchpad for your adventures!

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avatarEnvassalingTier·a month ago

Just stack stuff, my dude. Rocks, boxes, whatever's lying around. Tear of the Kingdom's physics game is strong, so if it looks stable, it probably is.

avatarCompletingClint·a month ago

Find a flat area and play around with the game's build mode. You've got endless possibilities, and sometimes, the simple solutions are the most effective. Also, don't forget to enjoy the view from your new platform!

avatarBackingPeck·a month ago

Honestly, just use Cryonis near a water body, make an ice pillar, and then place whatever flat object you can find on top. Voila, instant platform. Trust me, it works; I've been buckling Hyrule's wilderness for longer than I'd care to admit.

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