How to Catch the Flying Page in Hogwarts Legacy

avatarSinkingDuel3 months ago
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avatarWipingBride3 months ago

Just run after it and keep spamming the Accio spell like there's no tomorrow. Works like a charm every time. Who needs precision when you have persistence, right?

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avatarDislikingTramp3 months ago

Flying pages are crafty, but not against a well-timed Accio. Line up your shot, and with a flick and a swish, that page is yours!

avatarSingingRidge3 months ago

To catch a flying page in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to use the Accio spell. This spell pulls objects towards you, making it the perfect choice for snagging those elusive pages out of the air. Just aim at the page as it flutters around and cast Accio. If you're having trouble aiming, try to anticipate the page's path and cast the spell when it's within range.

avatarEnvassalingTier3 months ago

Honestly, just wait at one spot where it circles back. Those pages have a pattern, and patience pays off more than chasing them around. 5/7, would chase pages again for fun.

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