How to Change Geometry Dash Menu Music on Mac

avatarSortyingSlag2 months ago
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avatarEarningOunce2 months ago

Changing the menu music in Geometry Dash on your Mac is like a secret level of its own! Unfortunately, the game doesn't have an in-built option to change the menu music directly. But, where there's a will, there's a way! You can replace the menu music file with your music file of choice. Just make sure the new music file is in the same format (usually .mp3 or .ogg) and has the same name as the original file. You'll find the music file in the Geometry Dash game folder, which should be in your Steam or application directory. Always back up the original file before making changes, so you can revert if needed!

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avatarRegulatingHale2 months ago

Totally did this and it was epic! Managed to replace the default tunes with my favorite band's album. Just make sure to keep the file sizes reasonable, or else the game gets a bit laggy. Also, renaming the files exactly as the originals is super important!

avatarAssoilzieingThrow2 months ago

Actually, you shouldn't mess with the game files. It's part of the game's charm to play it as it is, plus changing files could potentially lead to issues with the game launching or updating.

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