How to Change Moves in Palworld

avatarAffordingAggie3 months ago
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avatarEmptyingDaisy3 months ago

Changing moves in Palworld is all about leveling up your Pals. As they level up, they'll unlock new moves which you can choose to replace old ones with. The trick is to find a balance that suits your playstyle. Think of it as a mix between strategy and knowing your Pals' strengths!

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avatarSignalingCloud3 months ago

I've been playing Palworld since early access dropped, and from what I've seen, swapping moves isn't complicated. Level up, get new moves, and make a choice. It's that straightforward. Experiment a bit and see what combo makes you unstoppable!

avatarForetellingTable3 months ago

Easy peasy! Just get your Pal to level up and bam, new moves come knocking. Pick what works and send the rest packing. No need to overthink it, just keep your Pal's strengths in mind and you'll be golden.

avatarDescribingHail3 months ago

Tbh, Palworld ain't like other games where you need a PhD in move management. Level up, get moves, keep what you love, ditch what you don't. Easy!

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