How to check if gold Pokemon cards are real

avatarCarryingMonte2 months ago
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First things first, real gold Pokemon cards have a distinct shiny, metallic finish that's hard to fake. Check the card texture; it should be smooth and uniform. Also, real cards have crisp, clear printing - so if the text or images look blurry, that's a red flag. Don't forget to inspect the edges; real ones have clean cuts without any fraying. Lastly, compare the card with images from a reliable source like the official Pokemon website. If it still feels fishy, it might be worth getting it professionally authenticated!

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avatarBurstingHong2 months ago

Honestly, if you got it super cheap off a sketchy website or some random dude on the street, it's probably fake. Real gold Pokemon cards aren't something you find in a bargain bin.

avatarEarningOunce2 months ago

Just weigh it, lol. Fake cards often feel lighter or heavier than real ones cuz they're made from different stuff.

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