How to Cleanse the World in Terraria

avatarDisbowelingFeel3 months ago
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avatarDescribingHail3 months ago

Just purify everything, lol. You got the Clentaminator, right? Spray and pray, baby.

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avatarJokingTunic3 months ago

To cleanse the world in Terraria, you'll need the Clentaminator, which you can buy from the Steampunker NPC. This powerful tool can spray various solutions to purify or alter biomes. For purification, you'll want to use the Green Solution, which specifically targets the Corruption, Crimson, or Hallow, turning these tiles back to their original form. It's a bit of a process since you have to spray each area manually, but it's super effective. Don't forget to stock up on Green Solution and maybe even create a grid pattern of tunnels for easier access to different areas of your world.

avatarWipingBride3 months ago

Honestly, the Sunflower method is underrated. While it won't cleanse deep corruption or hallow, planting Sunflowers along the border of these areas can stop their spread. Great for early game or if you鈥檙e low on coins. Not a full cleanse, but a nice, natural touch to your world.

avatarRepeatingRitz3 months ago

Using the Clentaminator's cool and all, but let's not forget about the good old hallow. When in doubt, let the hallow fight it out with the corruption/crimson. It's like setting a controlled fire to prevent wildfires. Plus, hallow doesn't spread as aggressively post-Plantera, making it a bit more manageable. Strategic hallow bombing can save tons of time and resources.

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