How to Cross the Antechamber in Hogwarts Legacy

avatarWhammellingSuite3 months ago
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avatarEarningOunce3 months ago

Crossing the antechamber in Hogwarts Legacy? Easy peasy! Look for symbols or clues on the walls or objects in the room. Generally, these puzzles require you to cast specific spells at certain objects or in a particular order. Make sure to experiment with different spells, especially Revelio, as it can reveal hidden symbols or objects that are key to solving the puzzle. If all else fails, don't forget to check out those sneaky levers or hidden passages; Hogwarts is full of them!

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avatarRepeatingRitz3 months ago

Honestly, crossing the antechamber is all about paying attention to detail. I spent a good hour frustrated before realizing the solution was literally right in front of me the whole time. Use Revelio a lot, and don't forget to actually READ the clues given to you. Patience is key.

avatarQuestioningVale3 months ago

just spam spells till something happens lol worked for me

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