How to defeat Moragia in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

avatarAutocancellingWeek·3 months ago
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avatarReoccuringRace·a month ago

Okay, so taking down Moragia is all about timing and patience. First up, keep an eye on its attack patterns; they're pretty predictable once you get the hang of it. Dodge at the right time, and you'll get a chance to counterattack. Use your strongest weapon, but don't get greedy with your hits – strike a few times, then back off. Also, if you've got any ancient arrows, those are like gold here. And don't forget to keep your health up with food or potions!

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avatarReroutingTopaz·a month ago

IDK bout y'all but I couldn't beat Moragia till I upgraded my armor. Defense is key.

avatarConcludingDisc·a month ago

Just hit it till it drops lol. But for real, dodging and using arrows works wonders.

avatarAttemptingDance·a month ago

Everyone's talking strategies, but let's not forget: you can always come back later with better gear or after leveling up some more. There's no shame in strategic retreat!

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