How to Defeat Sierra on Pokemon GO

avatarDisbowelingFeel·16 days ago
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avatarConcludingDisc·16 days ago

I always find that my Lucario does wonders against Sierra. Its combination of Fighting and Steel moves are effective against her lineup. Don't forget to use those shields strategically!

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avatarCorrectingGait·16 days ago

Use a Roserade! It's versatile and can hit hard against most of her Pokémon. Trust me, it works.

avatarWanderingFacet·16 days ago

Sierra's teams are always tough, but leading with a strong Machamp can usually break her starting Pokémon who is often Sneasel. After that, adapt your counters accordingly: a fire type like Charizard can handle her bug types, and a solid counter for whatever her third Pokémon might be, like Tyranitar for anything rock-related. Good luck, Trainer!

avatarBeatingDebit·16 days ago

Just focus on hard-hitting Pokémon and make sure to switch them up if she changes her team. Stay flexible and you’ll beat her!

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