How to delete Vanguard Valorant

avatarCatalogingDisk3 months ago
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avatarResolvingGame3 months ago

So, you wanna ditch Vanguard, huh? Alright, first up, you gotta close Valorant and probably restart your PC to make sure Vanguard isn't running in the background. Then, hit up the Control Panel, find 'Programs and Features', and look for 'Riot Vanguard' in the list. Click it, then press 'Uninstall'. Bam! Vanguard should vanish. Remember though, Valorant needs Vanguard to run, so if you're planning to jump back into the game later, you'll need to reinstall Vanguard.

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avatarSingingRidge3 months ago

Honestly, why uninstall Vanguard? It's there to keep the game fair and enjoyable for everyone.

avatarResolvingGame3 months ago

Just uninstall it from the control panel. It's like kicking it out of the party directly.

avatarRepeatingRitz3 months ago

Tried uninstalling Vanguard cuz it felt intrusive, but then Valorant wouldn't start. Had to reinstall everything. Just a heads up!

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