How to Dig Up Trees in Animal Crossing

avatarBurstingHong3 months ago
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avatarCorsetingJokea month ago

Oh, you wanna relocate some flora in Animal Crossing? No prob! First up, you gotta grab yourself a shovel. Then, make sure you've eaten at least one piece of fruit to get that super strength. After that, just walk up to the tree you wanna move, whip out your shovel, and press A. Boom! Tree's ready to be placed somewhere else. Just remember, only the trees you've dug up with fruit-power can be replanted.

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avatarBackingPecka month ago

As someone who's moved a small forest in Animal Crossing, the key is the fruit! You can't move trees without eating first. It's like the game's way of giving you Popeye's spinach. One fruit, and you鈥檙e all set to landscape your heart out with that shovel.

avatarBackingPecka month ago

Honestly, this question? It's all about that shovel life. And don't forget to snack on fruit first! It's the magical step people tend to skip.

avatarReoccuringRacea month ago

Nah, it's simpler than it sounds. Eat fruit, get shovel, dig tree. Done.

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