How to perform a Swift in Hogwarts Legacy

avatarPleasingSkip3 months ago
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avatarRavellingMane3 months ago

Doing a Swift in Hogwarts Legacy is pretty much about mastering your broom flying skills. To pull it off, first, make sure you've got a broom (you can't do Swifts on foot, obviously). Once you're airborne, look for the 'Swift' command on your screen, usually it's bound to a specific button depending on your platform. Press it, and you'll see your character perform a quick, agile maneuver, perfect for dodging or just showing off your slick flying skills!

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avatarDepetallingMummy3 months ago

Swift isn't a spell, guys, it's a flying move. Just hit the right button while you're on your broom, and boom, you're swifting. Easy.

avatarDislikingTramp3 months ago

Swift? Just practice on your broom! It's all about timing, not spells or potions.

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