How to Draw a Scorpion Mortal Kombat

avatarMuggingCreek13 days ago
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avatarPressingDesk13 days ago

Step 1: Start with a simple stick figure for the basic pose. Then, draw the chest, adding muscles and armor details. Step 2: Sketch the head, paying attention to Scorpion's mask and eyes. Step 3: Work on the arms and hands, drawing his signature spear weapon if you like. Step 4: Add the legs and boots, then fill in all the costume details. Step 5: Trace over your lines with ink, erase the pencil, and add shadows and color!

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avatarGroaningRush13 days ago

Honestly, the key is to remember his mask and menacing look. Start with a basic head shape, add angry eyes, and finish off with the mask. Everything else is just details!

avatarRepeatingRitz13 days ago

I once tried drawing Scorpion, and what helped me was starting with a rough sketch and gradually refining it. The costume details are essential, especially the hood and mask. Take your time with the shading too for that fierce look!

avatarMisleadingBride13 days ago

Draw a buff ninja with a mask鈥攜ou're halfway there. Use lots of references if you're stuck!

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